The things we do for love.

There is always too much to do, small actions seem so.. small, but I try to do my bit. I volunteer for Midnight run, I try to get my neighbors organized to take all those excess vegetables from the garden to the food pantry. I donate a day’s worth of food for a family of 4 every month. Food that I would feed my family, not the expired cans of lima beans that somehow appear in the back of the cabinet.
The media is already cranking up for the next presidential election. This is what I’ve decided to try to do: turn off the static. tune out NPR’s making every little noise into a half hour of ‘balanced’ coverage. About a month before the New York State primary I’ll get serious about my choices and try a bit of due diligence.
I’ve spent a week listening to people from Iceland lament American politics. It matters so much in the world, we are the ones who have decided to be the world’s police force. America is the one with the big defense budget and we like to play with our guns. We have so much power and wealth and our politcs are a clown show to outside observers. I’ve decided not to engage in this media circus, to wait and see and then try to make an intelligent choice.
I will vote in most elections, and will make it my mission to get some of my fellow WCC students to register to vote. Hard to remember that not that long ago women died for the right to do it.

Iron Jawed Angels  directed by Katja von Garnier is worth watching again.


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