On Kawara, look him up.

or just read this, Peter Schejeldahl’s obit of him in The New Yorker:
In my recent treasure hunt for my favorite image I came across a postcard that I sent to my friend and muse Frankie Buschke a zillion years ago when she had a grant and was out painting in Taos. We had gotten out of touch and mostly communicated by the prestamped postcards from the USPS. I don’t think that the Post office even makes them anymore. I sent her a postcard, addressed to me, with the phrase “I am alive” on the back in an envelope with “PLEASE FORWARD” written on it. I sent it to her last known address. It was forwarded from San Francisco, to Taos, where she opened it, wrote “barely” and sent it to me in Brooklyn where I was living at the time.
I found this treasure as I was taking some photos out of frames to scan them.
A few years ago when I started to make art again I was not really happy with the way that I painted skies. For 4 weeks I painted a sky a day, mostly small watercolor paintings. I didn’t make great art, but I’m not afraid of painting a landscape anymore.
Kawara’s painting of dates and times seemed tedious when I first learnt about them, I made a mistake and dismissed them too quickly.


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