If I could buy one photograph, regardless of price?

I’d buy an original print of this one. And I’d hang it in a really personal space like my bedroom.

Paul Strand

Paul Strand, Fork
Paris 1928

it would be amazing and awesome in the true non-deflated use of those words to be able to see this every morning first thing. Paul Strand’s (American 1890-1976) images combine abstraction, keen observation, and kindness in a way that make them compelling. For me his images are also very inspirational, in the “get yourself out of bed and find time to make some art” way. I love Paul Strand’s work, it was hard to pick one out of the many that I love. What I especially love in this image? The many contrasts in this photo: the subject is monumental and personal, abstract and specific, timeless and quotidian.

“The artist’s world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away. It is always on his doorstep.” Paul Strand

I’ve taken photos and painted a few forks in my time, Strand’s photo and it’s perfect compositon orbits into the back of my mind when I’m putting a frame around my view, reminding me not to let life get away. This photo that I took while out to lunch with my daughter is far too cluttered.

Red Hat on the River

about to have lunch, when all things are possible.
Shelley Dell 2014

“Mom, you and the light, it’s like you’re on a perpetual acid trip. Take another tab.” Hallie Kerr

I’m a little too close here,

Red Hat on the River

another day
Shelley Dell 2014

Strand’s photo is from the photographer’s point of view, he could put the camera down and pick up that fork. In my two photos above the fork is pointing at me, I’m not alone in the little life event being documented and not much has happened yet.


2 thoughts on “If I could buy one photograph, regardless of price?

    • years ago when I wrote this the source that I found attributed it to Paul Strand. Now? I have seen it attributed to André Kertész, I forgot that this post was still out there in the ether.

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