this one has to be a BIG print 17 x 22. The first big print, and of something that is invisible, irony, eh?


long road to Þingvellir

I started thinking of what makes me feel invisible, especially this time of the year when taxes are due and health insurance paperwork is important and I feel that I can be reduced to a stack of papers. I started taking some shots of all of this, and realized that this might be a more powerful image if it wasn’t about me.

at the top.
Geysir, Iceland

Last week I was out of the country for Good Friday and Easter. A long planned trip to Iceland. A land of big skies and big moutains and big water. Had a great time exploring with Will. On the only really sunny day we went to Harpa, on the waterfront in Reykjavik. I usually hate modern architecture, but this place was magical, iridescent, glowing like some fractured crystal.
Harpa Reykjavik

Goofing with our reflections

here’s a little more about the building and the architect:—concert-hall-and-conference-centre.aspx

I love glass, the way that it makes light solid and yet transparent. I loved walking around in a space that was completely about the light, about the glass that enclosed it but the glass was invisible. I ordered a big print of this from CostCo, hope it comes out ok.

Harpa Reykjavik

inside Harpa, on the waterfront in Reykjavik


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