Social Change

Seems that my yard is full of plastic. Epic battles with the elements and the lawnmower has left a landscape that Matthew Brady might have photographed.
I picked up all of the plastic soldiers, Legos, air splat ammo and put it in the recycling bin.

How does so much of the world’s detritis end up in China? this is just one of many questions that came to mind while watching Manufactured Landscapes, a documentary by Edward Burtynsky.

Burtynsky has made a series of photographs from dumps, landfills, and recycling stations. He calls these areas urban mines, these photographs are more abstract than his photos of large mining and extraction sites.


Densified Oil Drums #4 Hamilton Ontario 1997
Edward Burtynsky

Plastic for a cause
I’m not a fan of the Komen foundation. Raising money for “awareness” rather than research and clinical trials? Like we are not aware of breast cancer? If you really think that all that pink is making a difference feel free to use these lovely large bits of plastic.


Think before you pink.

Plastic, It’s everywhere
I think that this video has been everywhere, it’s terrifying, and should make you cry.
Here is a one of Chris Jordan’s photos of a bird that died because of eating plastic on Midway Island, 2000 miles away from where most of the plastic was thrown away.

One of Chris Jordan's photos of birds who died from eating plastic

One of Chris Jordan’s photos of birds who died from eating plastic

The endless winter is finally going away, and in raking my yard as a part of spring cleaning there was plastic everywhere. Yes it came from my family, but legos haven’t been a part of day to day life for years. And here it is, in the grass, in the driveway, non-biodegradable.
I’m hoping to take some photos of plastic waste in places where it doesn’t belong, not to make them seem beautiful, but to show just how ubiquitous it is, how that we don’t really even see it anymore.
Fallen soldiers

Fallen soldiers

legos, soldiers, plastic everywhere

legos, soldiers, plastic everywhere

For those of us old enough to remember the whispered “Plastics” in Mike Nichol’s movie The Graduate: we’ve lived to see the opportunity turn into a curse.


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